Advantages of a ScenicView Enclosure

Advantages of a Clearview Enclosure

The ScenicView enclosure offered by CRA’s custom design options boasts endless possibilities for your outdoor space. Learn about your options and decide what interests you—we have an enclosure to meet your needs and fit your budget. Here are the advantages of adding a ScenicView enclosure to your home.

Little to no view obstruction

ScenicView walls from CRA boast an exclusive patent-pending beam design that allows for the largest possible open panel by utilizing the least amount of vertical supports. This way, your enclosure will feel seamless and allow you to enjoy those gorgeous Florida views.

Keeps creatures and dirt out

An enclosure will prevent any unwanted creatures from venturing into your outdoor space and potentially messing with your pool. A ScenicView enclosure also keeps out dirt and other environmental factors which means you can spend less time fishing things out of your pool and more time enjoying your outdoor space.

Low maintenance

ScenicView enclosures are low maintenance and don’t require much upkeep. The panels and supports are durable and meet all Florida hurricane standards at the time of production, which minimizes damage and repairs.

Tip: If you aren’t ready for a new enclosure, but your current one needs some tender loving care, CRA provides affordable and reliable pool cage repair in Sarasota.

Something important to keep in mind when deciding on your pool enclosure is customizability. Our team takes careful consideration of finding the perfect enclosure style or combination of styles to fit your needs, budget, and lifestyle perfectly. ScenicView enclosures are nearly invisible—they fully enclose your pool without obstructing the view. When customizing your enclosure, you can choose how much of it consists of ScenicView . Most people choose one major wall, while others have ScenicView all the way around. The materials we design and use in a ScenicView enclosure can open up your views.

CRA has your best interests and desires in mind—we can help you find the optimal fit for your pool.

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