Benefits of a Lanai Enclosure for Your Home

Lanai Enclosure for Your Home

A lanai is an enclosure for your outdoor spaces. The lanai enclosure originated in Hawaii and was designed to allow people to enjoy their natural surroundings and beauty without dealing with bugs and other outdoor inconveniences. Here are some benefits of a lanai enclosure for your home.

Extend your home

Adding a lanai enclosure to your home can feel like you’ve extended your home with an extra room. You can enjoy your outdoor space the same way you enjoy your indoor space when you install one of these enclosures—without losing your beautiful Florida views.

Raise your property value

Especially in areas with beautiful views, home buyers almost expect lanai enclosures to be present in outdoor spaces. The benefits are immeasurable, so they’re a key point many Florida home buyers look for in a property. Before listing your house for sale, add a lanai enclosure to up the resale value of your home—then reap the benefits.

Add privacy

A lanai won’t block your scenic views, but it can still add a sense of privacy to your outdoor space. Screens can be difficult to see through from a distance, so any added layer will help add a sense of privacy to your space.

Keep bugs out

Nothing ruins a relaxing night outside like mosquitos or other pests—keep them out with a lanai enclosure. Screening in your outdoor space allows you to fully utilize your property without worrying about pests or insect-transmitted diseases.

Protect your property

These enclosures help keep your patio furniture and other outdoor items safe and clean. Even in high winds, your furniture can’t tumble down the block or become covered in dirt—your lanai keeps it everything contained and protected from the elements. A lanai also minimizes cleaning labor by protecting enclosures from leaves, dirt, bugs, and more.

Customize for your needs

From structure to screen type, lanai screens are easily customizable, so you can fully customize your enclosure to suit your home’s needs. Some screens protect your space from up to 90 percent of the sun’s heat; others are pet-resistant; and some even have micro-holes to keep out even the smallest insects. With so many options to choose from, you can mix and match to meet your needs—there’s a screening combination for you.

Already have an enclosure, but worried your screen may be on its last legs? Check out CRA’s services for lanai screen repair in Venice, Florida, and the surrounding areas—we have many screening options to suit your needs.

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