Can You Get Tanned Under a Pool Screen Enclosure?

Can You Get Tanned Under a Pool Screen Enclosure?

Sometimes, people may hesitate to purchase a pool screen because they think they won’t get a tan. Many people enjoy lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun, and tanning. Read below to find out if you can get tanned under a pool screen.

Tanning Next To the Pool

While many people want to purchase a pool screen enclosure to keep out bugs and animals, they often hesitate because they assume they’ll be unable to tan. Luckily, you can easily tan underneath a pool screen enclosure. The pool screen doesn’t repel sunshine, but it does keep out small animals, bugs, leaves, and more.

Tanning in the Water

Now that you know you can tan next to the pool under a screen enclosure, you may wonder if you can tan in the water as well. You can still tan while swimming in your pool. However, keep in mind that UV rays weaken at lower depths, so the best way to receive a tan is to stay in the shallow end.

Features of Pool Screens

A few features of pool screens allow you to tan with ease. The screens are made of very fine mesh, which allows sunshine to enter the enclosure. In fact, the mesh is so fine sometimes you can’t even see it!

Bring Your Sunscreen

While pool enclosures keep out bugs and other insects, they don’t keep out UV rays. Before you swim, always remember to put on your sunscreen. Unless you use a covering, the pool enclosure won’t protect you from sunburn.

So, the answer is yes—you can get tanned under a pool screen enclosure. If you want to keep the bugs out while you enjoy your pool, purchase a pool screen enclosure. At Commercial Residential Aluminum & Fabrication, we install pool cages in Venice, FL, and many other locations. Be sure to contact us today with any additional questions about pool screens and enclosures.

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