Compelling Reasons to Enclose your Pool Area

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Maybe you already have a pool in your home or perhaps thinking about having one built. Perhaps the pool in your new Sarasota or Florida Gulf Coast home didn’t have an enclosure. When you look around your neighborhood you notice that most of your neighbors have a pool cage and you wonder why.

Living in Florida means year-round sunshine, heat, insects, leaves and debris, wild animals and stormy weather. Each of our natural factors can take away from the enjoyment of your swimming pool and add expense to maintaining your pool in one way or another. Building a pool screen enclosure helps ensure you and your family enjoy the pool area year-round, day and night.

Here Are 5 Compelling Reasons Why You Could Benefit from a Sarasota Pool Screen Enclosure:


Turn Down the Heat: We’re known for our abundant sunshine and hot temperatures. A screen enclosure will help with some of that heat especially during the summer months when the sun is high in the sky. At Commercial Residential Aluminum (CRA), we use only top quality screen material. Once installed, the  ‘Sunscreen Mesh’ will greatly reduce solar heat gain. In fact, it’s proven to dissipate up to 70% of the sun’s heat & glare. This screen acts as a buffer between you and the harsh heat of the sun, helping to keep you, your family and pets feeling cooler and protected from the our Florida sun’s strong rays.


Add To The Value Of Your Home: Building a pool screen enclosure is an investment that will pay for itself in many ways.

A. It’s one of the most popular additions to a home with a pool – so when it’s time to sell your home, having the pool screen enclosure is a definite plus.

B. A screen enclosure adds to the overall space of your home and outdoor living area which is some of the most prime space in your Florida home.

C. Great design and quality construction will enhance the overall visual appeal of your property.


Where The Wild Things Are: Our tropical Florida environment is full wild life, even in suburban areas and neighborhoods. By installing an enclosure around your pool and terrace, you are keeping common wildlife like frogs, lizards, snakes, rabbits, raccoons, possums and even alligators outdoors where they belong. A pool screen enclosure also helps to keep out flying insects like flies, hornets, bees, wasps…and mosquitos.


Reduced Maintenance and Energy Savings: Having a pool means time and money spent on regular maintenance – from pool chemicals to cleaning materials/services and energy costs – it really adds up! A screen enclosure significantly reduces time spent cleaning leaves, debris, grass clippings, dead bugs and the like from pool, filters and equipment. And because your pool water stays cleaner in general, you can cut down on the amount of chemicals you need to keep your pool sparkling clean year round.


Low Maintenance Structure: Each screen room enclosure is custom designed to complement your home and make it look great from inside and out. CRA’s custom all aluminum design is engineered specifically for Florida weather and climate.  Your new pool screen enclosure will require little maintenance over the many years of enjoyment you’ll experience with it because we use only the highest grade of materials in every single installation.

Call CRA 941-486-9104 to schedule a no-pressure appointment with one of our experts. We serve Orlando to Tampa and Florida’s Gulf Coast from our offices in Venice and Ft. Myers, Florida.

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