Decoration Ideas for a Pool Enclosure

Decoration Ideas for a Pool Enclosure
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A house in Florida isn’t complete without a pool. Pools can make a house feel like a retreat. You can relax more, go for a swim, and enjoy the stylish ambiance. Many homes with pools invest in a pool cage to keep their pools clean, usable, and shielded. These stylish and functional pieces add a lot to a home. Check out these decoration ideas for a pool enclosure.

Lean into local greens

Adding some native plants to your pool enclosure can make it feel like it blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Adding some potted plants and local bushes or flowers can make your pool enclosure feel like it’s not even there. The addition of plants to the inside of your pool cage can make your pool feel tropical and native.  Plants add ambiance and can even make your air cleaner, easier to breathe, and fresher.

Section off your seating

Creating different sections within your pool cage for seating and general living spaces can make your enclosure feel larger. Creating different sections gives you more useable space and looks stylish and intentional. Intentional seating is key to an attractive outdoor space. Try to create these sections by surveying your space. Decide where a table and chairs may fit most naturally and where a pair of pool-side seats would look the most sensical.

Pick a central theme

Having a singular central theme can tie each section of your pool enclosure together. This could mean a central color scheme, design element, pattern, and more. A popular idea for a pool enclosure is palm leaves and shades of green and other neutral tones. This can mean investing in palm leaf patterned seat cushions, green pool towels, and a few palm leaf art pieces to hang or display on tables.

Come up with creative storage solutions

Pools require tools, toys, and more. There needs to be a functional space to store these items. Often, storage solutions aren’t the most stylish and can dampen your entire outdoor space’s appearance. Look for creative storage solutions that are attractive, fit with your theme and design style, and have a generous amount of storage space. Small sheds, decorative boxes, and small closets are all great creative options to store your pool accessories in without ruining your enclosure’s style.

If you’re in need of pool cages in Venice, FL, contact CRA. We have amazing pool cages that can be designed to fit your needs.

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