Four Pool Maintenance Tips

Four Pool Maintenance Tips

Owning a pool is a lot of fun. Pools get tons of use during the hot summer days—they can be places of relaxation, fun, and socialization. However, pools require a lot of maintenance to run safely and smoothly. Check out these helpful and easy pool maintenance tips.

Skim regularly

Skimming your pool regularly is the first step to keeping a clean and usable pool. Make sure to purchase a good-quality skimmer and to use it at least once a week on your pool. To use a skimmer, simply run the skimmer net just below the water line of your pool to collect dirt, bugs, hair ties, leaves, and other small items that always end up floating around in the pool water. You can also get an automatic skimmer that will do the work for you.

Use the tennis ball trick

A neat trick you can use to keep at bay body oils, sunscreen residue, and other undesirable things that make a pool cloudy, simply add a tennis ball to your pool. Tennis balls soak up oils and other residues that can bog down your pool’s look. This simple, low-effort trick can save you money, and you likely won’t need to shock your pool as often.

Schedule regular maintenance

Just like cars and people, pools require regular checkups to make sure everything is going well with health and safety. Many pool owners tend to neglect regular maintenance because their pools aren’t showing any telltale signs of major issues. However, this is a mistake, as regular maintenance can cut down on costs in the long run by catching looming issues early, allowing you to fix them before a catastrophe happens. You should check your pool’s filtration system at least yearly—preferably bi-yearly (every six months).

Don’t neglect the rest of your pool space

Even if your pool is pristine due to your diligent efforts, if you neglect your deck, patio, or other pool-centric spots, then you risk your pool getting dirty again. Investing in an aluminum patio enclosure in Florida is key to keeping you entire outdoor pool space spotless, even during hurricane season.

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