How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter in Florida

How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter in Florida

Winter is in full swing here in Florida, so it’s time to prepare your home. You should winterize your home every cold season to ensure things are ready when summer rolls back around. One thing you should pay special attention to is your pool. Unlike in the northern parts of the country, winter in Florida can still be pool season. Still, your pool needs extra care during the winter to prevent issues such as water evaporation and algae growth from building up and creating a large headache come springtime. This is especially true if you tend to use your pool less often in the winter. Check out this guide on how to prepare your pool for winter in Florida.

Keep it clean

In order to keep your pool ready to spring back into action after chilly Florida winter, you’ll need to continue cleaning it as you normally would. Just because it’s not getting as much use right now doesn’t mean regular maintenance is any less crucial to keeping your pool safe and ready to use. Make sure to watch your pool for algae buildup, as this is a very common issue pool owners face during the winter. Algae growth doesn’t necessarily pick up due to cold weather, but it becomes easier to miss. When you’re regularly using your pool, you’re more likely to notice any algae development and stop it in its tracks. It’s important to compensate with regular inspections during the chillier months.

Watch the water level

The evaporation rate of your pool’s water can increase during the wintertime. Your pool water could potentially drop as much as two inches per week during the cold season. To prevent water levels from getting too low, check on them often. Make sure to replace the evaporated water promptly and keep it clean.

Keep it usable

Florida winters can get chilly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use your pool! Invest in a pool heater to keep your water toasty and swimmable. You could also get a pool cage, which will not only keep your pool more useful in the winter, but also cut down on year-round maintenance. With a controlled environment, less debris will get into your pool and more water will stay in it.

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