Kinds of Patio Enclosures To Choose From

Kinds of Patio Enclosures To Choose From

There are different kinds of patio enclosures to choose from when making decisions for your yard and pool area. Florida weather, though beautiful, has its unpredictable moments. Ensuring that the enclosure you decide on is made of quality material, is installed properly, and is built to withstand the Floridian elements is as much CRAluminum’s goal as it is yours.

Customized for You

When it comes to picking the proper pool cage or patio enclosure, CRAluminum and Fabrication offers expert measuring and design based on your desires and budget. Each enclosure is completely customized, making it one of a kind for your desired area.

Design Options

As you think about your enclosure and its design, consider your options. When browsing the choices of aluminum patio enclosures in Florida, you can choose from different roof lines and screens. Some screen options, such as pet screen, are sturdier offerings that help maintain quality with tear or scratch-resistant screening. You may also choose from a selection of decking materials, colors, and more to make your space one-of-a-kind!


CRA screen enclosures are carefully planned and measured. We follow proper engineering and permitting requirements by the state of Florida and your county. We use our production facility and a team of aluminum professionals to customize and pre-fabricate our enclosures, taking our time to identify and attend to every detail. This will expedite the process of installation on-site, impacting you and your property as minimally as possible.

By putting your trust in CRA, you are agreeing to a custom-built enclosure that’s ideal for your space. It will adhere to any Floridian building laws and will be detailed to fit your needs. Of course, there are various kinds of patio enclosures to choose from to suit your needs. However, regardless of your decision, know that any enclosure you’ve chosen was built thoughtfully to withstand high-speed winds, heavy precipitation, and tropical creatures’ entry.

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