Winter Pool Maintenance: How To Keep It Functional

Winter Pool Maintenance: How To Keep It Functional

With the winter in full swing, many households are getting ready to close their pools. Winter doesn’t mean pool time has to end; however, you will need to make some adjustments. Learn about how to enjoy your pool for even longer in this guide on winter pool maintenance and learn how to keep it functional.

Keep your pool clean

When you want to keep your pool running throughout the winter, the most important thing to do is to keep it clean. Skim your pool regularly and be sure to keep up with the increased debris and dirt that often comes with the changing seasons. In the winter, your trees may be bare, but the creatures living in them are likely still active. Those creatures could track dirt and debris around and into your pool. Be sure to skim your pool at least once a week or more if you live in a particularly leafy area.

Make sure it stays warm enough to use

As the weather gets cooler, you’ll need to ensure that your pool’s temperature remains at a comfortable level to swim or lounge in. You can achieve this by using or installing a pool heater. You can also install a quality pool enclosure to11 shield it from storms and debris. As the weather dips down to a chilly degree, your pool should remain comfortable and useable if you choose to keep it open.

Balance your chemical levels 

Every season, you should try to rebalance any chemical levels that may have gone astray. While some people choose to balance their chemicals themselves, others decide to hire a professional service to handle this for them. Pool chemicals must be done correctly or there could be issues with comfortability and safety inside the pool. Check your pool’s chemical levels often and get out of the pool if you feel a burning sensation or feel like the water is different than normal.

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