Steps To Preparing Your Pool for Spring Weather

Steps To Preparing Your Pool for Spring Weather

There are bound to be times of the year—even those with warm weather most of the time—where they use their pool less. Pool owners understand the perfect storm is the right chemical concoction, regular maintenance, and taking extra strides to preserve the water and the area. This means regular skimming and cleaning as well as the installation of an enclosure to keep wildlife and debris out. Considering the steps to preparing your pool for spring weather regardless of your location is something to think about.

Gather Your Tools

In booting up for summer and getting your pool ready for frequent dips and entertaining, you want to assess your tool situation. This is a good time to check for dry rot, broken or missing pieces, or things that need upgrading. Tools help you with the lighter side of maintenance but can also be important for chemical handling, measuring, and storage.

Clean and Uncover the Pool

Uncovering a pool that has been “resting” a while is never really fun, but its best to get it out of the way in early spring. This way as it will take a little time to clean and balance and you’re not missing prime swim days. Beware of algae growth and clean your cover thoroughly or it will contaminate the pool water.

Inspect the Pool and Area

Damage can occur over time or due to inclement weather and lower temperatures. Be sure to inspect your pool and area for issues. If you’ve got an enclosure, or keep the windows and door open on your house on the nicer days, check the screens and get ahead of pest season. CRAluminum offers lanai screen repair in Venice, Florida as well as several surrounding Floridian cities to help you prepare for the summer season.

Reconnect Pool Equipment

If you’ve given your pool a break for winter, spring is the time to reconnect your pool equipment. Be sure everything is functioning properly and in working order now before doing anything else. Before filling and cleaning the pool water, you need to know your pool equipment still in tip-top shape.

Once you’ve gotten everything in order, you’re ready to add and then clean the water. This will take time and should be one of the most exciting steps to preparing your pool for spring weather! There’s nothing more beautiful than a sparkling clean pool, perfectly shaded, at the ideal temperature on a hot summer day. The better you can prepare for it now, the more you can enjoy those surprise “summer” days we often see throughout spring.

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