Rescreen your enclosure

pool and patio rescreening

Is it time to replace my screens?
How can I tell?

If you have been enjoying your screened pool enclosure, screened lanai or screened porch in Florida for the last several years or more, you may notice your screen sagging, faded or the stitching coming apart. This can be an eyesore that can inhibit both the overall look and your view. Here’s how you can tell if your outdoor space needs new screen:
Obviously, tears from fallen branches or debris require immediate attention but every 5 to 8 years your screen may begin to deteriorate. The overall quality of the original screen also has something to do with it as well as the exposure to direct sun and elements that your enclosure is subject to. The spline that holds the screen in place will start to shrink and cause the screen to sag. You may also see the stitching of the screen pulling apart in high tension areas. This will allow more bugs and debris to slip through the screen into your living space. It can also alter your view by throwing shadows in new patterns.

Screened in pool cage overlooking lake in golf course private community.

A key question you have to ask is “do I just replace the problem screens or, am I going to have to replace all the screens?” If you notice some minor rips or tears in a few of your screen panels, you can get away with replacing just those panels. However, if you are noticing the screen sag or unravel at the stitching, even if it is only a couple of panels, it is only a matter of time before it happens to all of your screen panels. If you notice this, it may be time for a full rescreen of your enclosure. After, your area will be really transformed like a new coat of paint and you’ll be happy you did.
Depending on your enclosure, rescreening can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous job and should be left to an experienced professional. You can expect to pay between $1.00 and $1.50 per square foot in Florida for screen capable of handling our extreme sunlight and storms. We have several crews dedicated to doing just that.

We offer expert installation and the best price in the business, even lower than guys doing it on the side using screen of the very lowest quality.

Give us a call today at (941) 486-9104 or fill out our Quick Quote Form. You’ll be glad you did.

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